Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday: What Is That From? Volume 2

My new favorite thing to do with my Moto Droid phone (of which Mrs. Kid is getting jealous) is to keep it nearby while watching TV so that when I hear a commercial with music I like, I use the Shazam app to identify the song. This often leads me to discover music by artists I have not heard of.

The Hours: Ali in the Jungle
This song makes me smile. The only tough part is that the version on the album has a couple F-bombs, so I can't listen to it with the kids around. Honestly, I like the version with "damn" in place of each F-bomb because the sound of it works better with the preceding lyrics. Anyway, I like The Hours, but this song has a particularly strong ability to stick in my mind.

Bajofondo: Pa' Ballar
After getting the album with this song on Mrs. Kid's iPod Shuffle, I went for a run. Much of the album was great running music -- I felt like I could run forever.

And here is a song by an artist I know, but enjoy listening to any time:

Lou Reed: Perfect Day
This is really bad running music, but great anyway. This is the type of stuff I want to crank up nice and loud while sipping a nice glass of red zinfandel. Lou's voice with the piano and strings behind it just beg to fill a room.

If you can identify the products for which these songs are being used, then post it in the comments. First person to do it successfully gets to pick the next set of songs.

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