Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday: Running Music

Someone I follow on Twitter (@samjshah) asked for suggestions for workout music. I don't workout in a gym, but I go for runs in the woods by my home. Here are some of the songs I am listening to while on my runs:

Start with:

In the middle:
The English Beat: Ranking Full Stop
Vampire Weekend: A-Punk
Naughty by Nature: OPP

The big finish:
Animal Collective: Peacebone

BTW: I now have some great running headphones (Sennheiser PMX80). They have good sound, never slip even a little bit, and are washable.


BiblioDiva said...

OPP? Really?

And please convince me of the virtues of Vampire Weekend. I'm just not sold on them.

reston kid said...

Notice that in the song, OPP cuts both ways, so the last "P" can be generalized as "Property." Just making sure you don't think I am being misogynistic; just laughing at an amuzing song.

For running, I like the beat in VW's A-Punk and Mansard Roof.

BTW: For general listening, I prefer The National's album Boxer. What about Lily Allen? How do you like her?

BiblioDiva said...

I'm not sure if that song is more or less ridiculous than Baby Got Back. Although, Baby Got Back is definitely more of song of admiration than OPP.

Lily Allen? I like her. The crazy thing is whenever I hear something by her, I think, Who is that? Then, Oh, I like her.