Friday, November 19, 2010

Web Stuff Friday: My Chrome Setup

If you haven't tried Google's Chrome browser, I think you should check it out. It's not perfect, but it is fast, portable, and has some really smooth features and add-ons.

The interface is pretty minimalist, but still provides quick access to your most visited sites as well as your bookmarks.

I have three add-ons installed that I see as small icons to the right of my location bar.
  • URL shortener. With a single click, I can take the URL of the page I am on, shorten it, and copy the short URL to my clipboard. So, if I see a great article, I just click the button and paste it into an email or IM window. Very handy.
  • Chrome to Phone allows me to send links to my Droid phone. If I'm on my computer when someone sends me a link about a great android app, I just send the link to my phone and I can check it out later.
  • Chrome It Later integrates with Read It Later, which I love. When I see an article I want to read somewhere and somehow, I just click the button and it's saved to my reading list. I can then access my reading list from any browser or from my phone and they all stay in sync.
I live lots of my life in a browser window, so I care about what I use for my Web stuff. Chrome is a good thing.

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