Thursday, June 16, 2011


Grantland has me hooked. I stumbled onto Grantland when checking scores at ESPN, which employs Grantland's editor-in-chief Bill Simmons. The articles drew me in.
  • The Greatest Paper that Ever Died is the first article I read. It is LONG, but fascinating. I dimly recall The National (a failed attempt at a national sports newspaper), but this "article" brings it to life in a unique way. It is a series of quotes assembled as a transcription of an oral history of the endeavor. Really, really good and interesting.
  • Space, Time, and DVR Mechanics was eerie. It's like Chuck Klosterman was staring straight into my soul.
  • It's Time for LeBrondown, Part II rings very true.
Check out the articles. It's an online magazine I can really get into. The look is uncluttered. The writing is interesting.

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