Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Monday: Live on Letterman

Live on Letterman has an impressive list of concerts. Here are a few of the best.

Foster the People
I just bought one of their albums on Amazon MP3 (it was the $5 album deal today), so it was lucky coincidence that I discovered this concert. The frontman seems to be putting out significant effort, but he hardly makes it seem effortless. I was watching a Rush concert last night and Neil Peart is incredible. Part of what makes him so amazing is the effort he puts in while looking cool as a cucumber. Meanwhile, Lifeson and Lee seem to get energy from each other and the crowd. Anyway, FtP are good. I like a bunch of their songs, but it's interesting that the concert seems to be really draining.

I have never gotten in to Wilco, but I think this concert will draw me in.

This is the concert that led me to LoL. Their sound is unique and the concert has some nice live versions of my favorite tunes. I could do without quite so many from the new album, but it's a small "price" to pay.

A pop music act with a cartoon as its frontman? Where do I sign up? Everyone seems to be having a total ball. It's like they all have real jobs, but this is the fun stuff they do on the side, and would do for free. The string section's head bobbing is wonderful.