Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday: Take-Away Shows

The video series Concerts a Emporter (Take-Away Shows) is worth checking out. My wife the francophile should love the settings for these.

Menomena: Wet and Rusting
Check out the kids that appear about halfway through. As one of the musicians says "that is the cutest thing I have ever seen."

Phoenix: 1901
In this video, the couple that is getting married totally steals the visual show.

Vampire Weekend: The Kids Don't Stand a Chance
They seemed to stumble early on, but playing in that space must have been a huge challenge. Also, couldn't Rostam have put the keyboard up on the hood of a car?

Architecture in Helsinki: Heart It Races
Love the beginning of this. The sound quality seems a bit off to me, but it still works overall.

The Shins: Gone for Good and Turn on Me
Nice work here.

Jason Mraz: It's a Lovely Day
We have some spray paint art at home from that same spot where he was looking at street art (by the Centre Georges Pompidou). That is my favorite place to hang out in Paris. Maybe it was staged, but tt seems like he improvised that song based on what a barefoot Bulgarian street performer was doing. Pretty impressive.

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