Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Yorker cover

I know this should be Music Monday, but there is too much going on. I have posts stacked up like jets circling O'Hare, so here goes.

The New Yorker's cover titled Scare Tactic has made quite the splash. I like Joel Achenbach's comments on the cover.
Anyone with a brain and even a modicum of a sense of humor should be able to tell it's satire. Moreover, everyone knows that The New Yorker is editorially liberal. There's no serious issue here about intent -- any Obama supporter calling this a smear needs to take a deep breath.
The best response from the Obama camp would be to say, "We recognize that it was meant as satire, but must confess that we didn't get a single chuckle out of it. Better luck next time."
Oh well. Instead, the Obama campaign seems to be up in arms. The cover was not particularly funny and could have really used a caption to help make the point.

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