Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Monday: 75 Albums from Esquire

C-Dog is an old friend from Undergrad, Take 2 and grad school. He will soon get his very own "Interesting Music from" post on this very blog, but in the meantime, he sent me a link to Esquire magazine's 75 Albums Every Man Should Own.

A comment C-Dog makes about this list is particularly interesting:
The list holds up a theory that I believe you and I even talked about back in the day. The theory being that the freshman outing of any band is many time the best (and sometimes only) effort. Note how many they recommend that are first albums.
I think I have about 10 of the 75 albums (and I have 5 of the 30 Albums that Didn't Make the Cut), so I have a lot of album buying to do.

I'm not buying all the albums on the list. I have little interest in some of the albums (e.g., i am not and never will be a GnR guy and my AC/DC days are mostly behind me). On the other hand, several are albums I know I need (e.g., Darkness on the Edge of Town, Band of Gypsies) and a few are albums by groups I have never heard of, but am eager to check out (e.g., Bill Callahan and Explosions in the Sky).

Thanks to C-Dog, I think I know where my tax refund is going (now to break the news to Mrs. Kid).

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