Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Sick Day: Steve Saves the Day

A couple years ago, I posted about playing Tiger Woods on my PS2 while sick. Today I was sick, but actually did a fair amount of work. I was in meetings and reviewed some documents, but during a couple times when I felt particularly miserable, I turned on the TV. I was looking for Jerry Springer, but couldn't find him. On a total lark, I tried the Steve Wilkos Show.

I had never heard of this guy, but figured I'd give it a try. Turns out Steve is the guy who used to run security for Jerry. His show is pure gold! It has the freshness that Jerry had 17 years ago. Here is an IM exchange I had with a friend from work:
RestonKid: today's episode: "Best Friends, Who's the Dad?"
Tex's Mom: LOL
RestonKid: results of DNA tests
Tex's Mom: those are my favorite shows
Tex's Mom: the "baby daddy" shows
RestonKid: "Brandon, you ARE the father."
RestonKid: "when are you gonna grow up?"
RestonKid: "you better stop now! stop bringing kids into the world you aren't going to take care of"
RestonKid: "ok, my young friend with your cocaine troubles and not being able to keep his ____ in his pants can get off my stage."
RestonKid: immediately followed by a plug (with Steve's voiceover) for
Tex's Mom: LOL...i need to stay home and watch some daytime TV
Tex's Mom: i am so missing out
RestonKid: this has renewed my faith in mankind
RestonKid: you need to send me updates on the Steve Wilkos Show when you are out with Tex
RestonKid: upcoming episode: Moms Confront Prostitute Daughters
Check out his Ask Steve page on the Steve Wilkos site. This guy is the best. I know this says really shameful things about me, but so be it.

If it were a documentary or a news story, it would make me mad or sad. As a matter of fact, I have friends who have had crazy situations in their romantic lives. Frankly, if they lived in trailer parks, some of them are crazy enough situations to fit in with Maury or Jerry or Steve's shows. For my friends, I truly have nothing but sympathy and compassion. But when people go on a show to air their issues, I just sit back and enjoy. Context is everything.

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