Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Release the Kracken: Arch Campbell's New Phrase

Arch Campbell was on Tony Kornheiser's radio show last week and he had a segment that had me laughing out loud.
There is one thing I like about Clash of the Titans. I believe that it will contribute a phrase to the lexicon: "Release the Kracken." I have prepared some examples of Release the Kracken:
  • I have a new Calloway driver it's got a head on it about the size of a Russian Army boot. I believe when I stand on the first tee and take the head cover off, I will say Release the Kracken.
  • Let's say you're out with the dog and he tarries; he doesn't do what the walk is for. You turn to the dog and say Release the Kracken.
  • I believe that couples will date and decide that intimacy is for them and at that moment of intimacy, either the man or the woman will exclaim Release the Kracken.
I am ready to help popularize "Release the Kracken." It's a nice turn of phrase.

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