Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ramble: Prefixes

I am going to start pre-fixing more of my posts. For instance, this one has the prefix "Ramble." I already use some other prefixes:
  • Best-of-Craigslist
  • Web-Stuff Friday
  • Music Monday
To this list of prefixes, I will add prefixes to connote more topics such as:
  • MathEd
  • Geek
  • Politics
  • Race
I might try coming up with more interesting prefixes than these, but am making no promises. The point of the prefixes is to make it easier for folks to decide what they do and don't feel like reading. Most people have blogs that are more focused than this one, but I am going to keep on with my broad rambles. It's who I am, but adding prefixes should make it easier for folks to pre-judge their interest in the topic for each post.

For instance, Mrs. Kid already ignores all the Music Monday and Web-Stuff Friday posts. Now, she can easily avoid all the MathEd and Geek posts.

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