Monday, March 24, 2008

Music Monday: What Is That From?

Music can really make a commercial work. Here are a few of my favorites. See if you can remember the product that was sold. Answers are at the bottom of this post, but you have to select the text to see them.

Royksopp: Remind Me (a light, catchy tune that gets stuck in my head, but I'm ok with that)
(this is a different mix, but the videos with the right mix have the brand in their titles)

Carl Orff: O Fortuna, from the opera Carmina Burana (epic operatic masterpiece)

Nick Drake: Pink Moon (the commercial sold lots of albums for this late, tragic British folksinger)

ELO: Mr. Blue Sky (great rock tune)

Iggy Pop: Lust for Life (one of the great sell-outs of all time)

And the king...
Moby: Find My Baby (all 18 songs from the Play album were licensed for commercial use. This is how Moby got his music heard)

Answers (select the text below to see a partial list of products for the above songs):

Royksopp: GEICO (caveman in airport)
Carl Orff: Guinness beer, Old Spice, Reebok, Pringles, etc.
Nik Drake: VW Cabrio
ELO: Sears, VW Beetle

Iggy Pop: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Moby: American Express (Tiger Woods playing golf in a city)


jblocksom said...

Here's a few I thought of, I'll rot-13 the answers as the links.

Restaurant chain

This one sold cars

Enjoying the blog, Reston Kid!

reston kid said...

Most excellent! I got the first one, but didn't get the other. I really dig Of Montreal and will have to check out more of their stuff.

Thanks for the comment and the contribution.