Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun Wedding

Mrs. Kid and I went to a wedding this weekend. It was a lovely ceremony in which the bride's niece stole the show with her cute ride down the aisle while being coaxed to toss flowers. That is, she had it stolen until the groom's elementary-age kids got up and sang a duet. The ceremony was lovely and the bride and groom looked great and happy.

The fun continued at the reception. First of all, a co-worker happens to be a childhood friend of the bride (who is a high school and college friend of Mrs. Kid), so it was cool seeing her and her uber-cool mom. Seriously. This was one really, really cool mom. I can only imagine what it must be like to have a mother who is that cool.

Most importantly to my happiness in the evening, our table was fun. The rest of Table 4 were cool people who knew The Bride from a mix of travel, high school, college, and grad school, so it was cool talking about different aspects of the bride. Things really got fun when the music got going. Cherry Blossom String Quartet did a lovely job with the standard classical and baroque fare through dinner, but after dinner, it became a game of "name that tune." Their playlist included the Love Boat Theme, as well as songs by the Bee Gees and Journey. It reminded me of earlier posts My Funeral (sorry Mrs. Kid), Acoustic Guitar Versions of Familiar Song, and Love Vigilantes and More Accordion Music.

The music and people made for a fun evening. I don't remember the last time I closed out a wedding reception, but this one was big fun.


BiblioDiva said...

That's because your table had the coolest people.

Anonymous said...

the kids may have stole the service, but Mr. Kid's tie stole the reception says the bride!!

reston kid said...

The Bride certainly did right by me and Mrs. Kid. Our table was great.

My Snoopy tie was a late call by Mrs. Kid. I was dressed and ready with a tie I like quite a bit, but Mrs. Kid said I had to switch to Snoopy for The Bride. She made a brilliant call (as usual).